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What is the scope of application and operation steps of the boarding bridge?

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2022/08/18 10:15
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Wall type boarding bridge is suitable for storage platform and postal hub loading and unloading, adjustable according to the height of the truck, can be adjusted up and down, easy forklift access to the carriage, free loading and unloading, with anti-roll skirt on both sides, working more safely.

  Wall type boarding bridge is suitable for storage platform and postal hub loading and unloading, according to the height of the truck to adjust, can be adjusted up and down, easy forklift into the carriage, free loading and unloading, both sides have anti-roll skirt, work more safely. Forklift and other vehicles through the boarding bridge directly into the interior of the truck, bulk loading and unloading of goods, then the boarding bridge is the scope of application and operation steps?

  The boarding bridge has good performance, safe operation, high efficiency, only one person needs to work, the goods can be quickly loaded and unloaded, mainly through the hydraulic system of the height adjustment plate lift, can be connected to different heights of the carriage, play a role in connecting the truck and the vehicle, solve the loading and unloading obstacles of the height difference between the cargo platform and the ground, convenient for vehicles to quickly and safely enter and exit the carriage for loading and unloading.

  1. The operation is very simple, just press the button, the boarding bridge will automatically rise.

  2. Release the button, the boarding bridge can be placed on the car by its own weight.

  3. Rising process: press and hold the rising button to set the big board. When it reaches the high position, the small cylinder starts to work and the small plate opens.

  4. Working process: Release the lift button and drop slowly under the action of self-weight;

  5. End process: When loading and unloading goods, press and hold the up button to lift the big board, and the small board will be reset automatically. When the big board is lifted to a fixed height, then release the button, the boarding bridge will slowly reset under the action of its own weight, and the whole working process is finished. Wall bridge and forklift use loading and unloading auxiliary equipment for cargo platforms and mobile loading and unloading places without loading and unloading equipment. Forklift can drive directly from the ground into the carriage for bulk loading and unloading. Manual hydraulic power, only one person is needed to load and unload goods safely and quickly without connecting to the power supply. However, in the operation process, it is necessary to strictly comply with the operation procedures to prevent damage to the equipment.

  6. When operating, the manual valve should be tightened until it is closed to a certain degree and the boarding bridge should be raised to the required height by the control handle. Then, the container should be slowly backed up and stopped under the front edge of the boarding bridge. When running, the boarding bridge is slowly lowered by opening the manual valve. During operation, the lip should reach into the bottom of the container as far as possible. After confirming that the lip is close to the container, pull out the hook to hook the container pin hole, clamp it with the chain to make sure the chain will not loosen and slide out, and then press down the brake blocks on both sides. The manual valve must be opened when in use, otherwise it will damage the hydraulic boarding bridge. During use, you should pay close attention to the running condition of the equipment, and stop immediately to check if there is any abnormality.