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What are the features of the fixed dock?

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2022/08/29 10:35
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A fixed docking bridge is a loading and unloading aid used in conjunction with a storage platform. It will be embedded in the platform and can also create a bridge between the truck's platform and the warehouse.

  A fixed docking bridge is a loading and unloading aid used in conjunction with a storage platform. It will be embedded in the platform and can also build a bridge between the platform of the truck and the warehouse. It can be adjusted according to the different heights of the trucks to facilitate the forklift to enter the carriage for loading and unloading. So what are the features of fixed boarding bridge?

  1. It adopts full hydraulic drive, easy to operate and reliable operation.

  2. The lip plate is connected with the platform through the whole long shaft, which has the characteristics of high strength and good reliability.

  3. The hydraulic system adopts imported seals, with excellent sealing performance.

  4. Adopt imported overall modular hydraulic station, with good sealing performance and long service life.

  5. Adopt anti-slip pattern steel plate, the boarding bridge has good anti-slip performance.

  6. The design of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube can ensure long time high load operation without deformation.

  7. Both sides are equipped with anti-rolling edge skirt can effectively prevent toes from entering the platform causing accidental injury.

  8. Equipped with a support bar, can ensure the safety of maintenance personnel into the boarding bridge for maintenance.

  The bridge is an important part of the hydraulic boarding bridge. The bridge plate of the hydraulic boarding bridge can be tilted up and down, and its outer end can be higher or lower than the plane of the loading platform, making it equal to the height of the carriage. There is a flap at the top of the bridge, which automatically rides on the edge of the carriage to make a smooth transition between the cargo platform and the carriage.

  1. Through the power system of the hydraulic boarding bridge, the large cylinder lifts the whole inclined plate. When it reaches the top position, the small cylinder starts working and smoothly extends the flap belt. The height adjustment plate is all made of Shanghai high quality high section steel plates and profiles closely welded, with long service life.

  2. Hydraulic boarding bridge hydraulic system adopts Italian imported high quality brand products, with excellent performance and low maintenance.

  3. The front part of the adjustment plate base is open design, which is convenient and quick to clean up the debris.

  4. There are three movable plates on both sides of the regulating board, which can effectively avoid the danger of crushing toes when the hydraulic boarding bridge descends and ensure safety. The unique design of I-beam skeleton can bear the pressure evenly, reduce the twisting of the skeleton, more durable than other channel steel structure.

  The electric control operation is extremely simple, just press the button, the hydraulic board of the bridge will automatically rise; release the button, the adjustment plate will fall by its own weight, the loose-leaf belt can be used on the truck, fixed boarding bridge consists of mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system. The platform and the base frame form a mechanical system. With u-shaped steel as the frame, the platform has light self-weight and large load capacity; the table surface adopts non-slip pattern.