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Strong enterprise strength
Strong R & D manufacturing capability

  Enterprise covers an area of 6 square meters, 4500 yuan in fixed assets, the existing staff of more than 300 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 168 people.

Stringent quality standards
Products are sold all over the world

  Raw materials and accessories are all used in the domestic first-class brand, complete testing tools and international standards of the performance test room.

Full range of product categories
More than and 60 varieties of seven series

  The company's products are widely used, and we are particularly good at customized for the customer lifting equipment solutions.

Shandong Shenyang Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958, the Department of National medium-sized enterprises, provincial enterprises with good credit, A-class tax credit enterprises, Jinan City Star Enterprise, Shandong Province, the first sets of technology and equipment companies, People's Bank of China sentiment survey sentinel enterprises. Enterprise formerly county state-owned enterprises in 1999 successfully carried out joint-stock reform.

June 2009, the company received Shandong Provincial Development and custom hydraulic lift 5 special task as the capital of the 60th anniversary of National Day parade floats, within 40 days of the completion of work on the development of products, to the design of the NDRC experts Claim.
October 1, 2009, Shandong floats "Dai Qingh.......
In 2011 I Xiamen BRT viaduct success making large scissors hydraulic lifting platform. The platform table size 15 meters x 6 meters rise 16 meters, maximum load of 30 tons, was the largest single car lift.......
In 2013 the company won the bid CNR locomotive maintenance base in Tianjin 32 mobile work platform maintenance project. For the country's heavy equipment manufacturing industry to provide a strong technical support.......
2015 my company for Shandong Luneng Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. to provide a total of 24 units, 6 sizes, load two tons --- 12 tons of hydraulic lifting platform for the fabrication and installation of large .......