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Fixed scissor lift platform


Fixed scissor lift platform.
  Fixed scissor lifting platform is divided into fixed single fork lifting platform, fixed double fork lifting platform or multi-fork lifting platform, is a lifting stability, a wide range of goods lifting equipment, mainly used in the production line height difference between goods transport; material on line, off line; workpiece assembly to adjust the height of the workpiece; high feeder feeding; large equipment assembly parts lifting; large machine bed loading, unloading The product can be used in storage and loading places, such as forklift and other handling vehicles for rapid loading and unloading of goods.
  Product specifications: This product adopts steel frame structure or high-strength steel plate structure with a bearing capacity ranging from 0.3 to 100 tons, product size and equipment size can be customized according to user needs. Operation mode can be divided into up and down control and ground single control, but also multi-layer control.
  Product advantages: free lifting, beautiful and elegant, solid structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance.
  Applicable places: The products are mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises and pharmaceutical industry, logistics industry production line, can be used in other industries as delivery elevator to transport goods, lifting, loading and unloading of goods between the basement to the floor, also can be used for lifting stage, lifting operating table, etc. Most of them are made to order according to customers' requirements.
Hydraulic lifting platform safety use precautions.
  1. before leaving the factory have been tested, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, when using only need to connect the ground. Hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted. 
  2. Check the hydraulic and electrical system carefully before use, no leakage or bare phenomenon before use.  
  3. hydraulic lifting platform empty run 1-3 times before load operation.  
  4. The center of the load should be in the center of the working table as far as possible.  
  5. The movable doors at both ends of the guardrail should be closed and locked before operation.  
  6. Due to the different requirements of users for the use of hydraulic lifting platform, the control form of lifting platform is different.

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