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  • Product name: Barrier-free lifting platform
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Accessibility lifting platform
The product uses high-grade C-shaped steel as the vertical guidance system, hydraulic drive, lifting smooth and safe. External chassis and aluminum panel with electrostatic spray or high-grade stainless steel, beautiful appearance. Installed directly on the ground, without supporting civil pits, the construction is simple, easy product placement outdoor water, rust, easy to maintain. It is the best choice for large new residential quarters, hotels, hotels and other public places, the barrier-free access.
Can be customized according to customer specific special circumstances
Lifting floor net size: 1400mm (length) * 950mm (width)
Overall dimensions: 1400mm * 1250mm * L mm
Maximum lifting height: 8000mm (lift platform from the ground)
Minimum floor lifting height: 65mm (from the ground)
Out of the way: 90 ° or 180 °
Lifting speed: 70mm / s
Maximum load: 250KG
Control power supply: 24V / DC
Motor power: 0.8KW, 24V / DC / or 1.5KW, 220V / AC, etc.
Power source: 220V / 50HZ / 25A
Drive system: hydraulic or screw drive
Run: jog control / or automatic
Installation: no pit installation, fixed directly to the concrete floor
External control device: Outbound boxes were placed on the device, next stop layer near the wall, the remote control can also be used
Emergency stop: press the emergency button switch can control the machine operation.
Manual operation: manual hydraulic valve open, or manually rotating screw lifting platform lowered.
safety protection:
Safety interlock: any abnormal operation, lifting platform can not run.
Safety Edge: touch panel operation safety in case an obstacle is stopped immediately.
Emergency lowering: no power or fault, manually lowering means.
Security Rocker: the rising tilt.
Hydraulic explosion: explosion-proof valve cylinder end of the installation, when the oil burst, reducing the rate of decline.