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  • Product name: 12 m altitude vehicles
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Aerial vehicles (vehicle folding arm lift platform) refers to the job by the height 8-20 m, use the car's own power, hydraulic and electric systems dominate multivessel hydraulic cylinder, a vehicle capable of lifting up and down the job. With construction workers Aerial off work.
Folding arm aerial vehicles can overhang operation across some obstacles or in an elevator can be multi-point operations. For two people and equipped with simultaneous operation of certain equipment. The device uses a new type of high-quality steel manufacturing, strength, light weight, good mobility, easy to transfer venue. Job rotation in the bucket seat and are equipped with operating device, electro-hydraulic proportional valve control arm movements, work can lift arm and the left and right 360 ° continuous rotation. By a link mechanism automatically maintains the working table level, steerable emergency pump when the main pump fails decreased work table, greatly improving the safety of the device.
The machine looks, safety, convenience store and indoor and outdoor jobs. Suitable for a wide range of stations, terminals, shopping malls, stadiums, residential property, factories and workshops, and other operations.