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Car lifting platform:
Car lift platform is by the lifting platform with car or car battery modified aerial equipment. The equipment set four mobile traction with two-in-one, using a car or a car battery as a platform chassis underframe, use of the car itself or DC powered engines to achieve the lifting of the lifting platform, walking function, the lifting platform has a better flexibility and mobility and improve the efficiency of high-altitude operations, widely used in a wide range of regional urban construction, oil, transportation, municipal construction and other highly mobile aerial work. Car or car battery provided by the customer or according to their own requirements of our customers purchase.
Vehicle-mounted hydraulic lifting platform maintenance tips:
1. loss of electricity storage is prohibited, if the car will not be used at least once a month to ensure that the charge;
2. Discover lifting platform working pressure is too high or abnormal sound, should immediately stop inspection, in order to avoid serious damage to the hydraulic lifting platform;
3. Check the monthly pivot pin working conditions, such as found in axle pin, screw loose, must be locked to prevent axle pin fall accident.
4. The hydraulic oil should be kept clean, replaced once every six months.