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  • Product name: Traction type scissors lifting platform
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Traction type scissors lifting platform
Traction folding arm type lift platform through the external power to do traction to achieve mobile operations.
It is a kind of high altitude operation equipment, which is used to drive the hydraulic cylinder with the power of diesel engine or battery to drive up and down. Without external power supply, suitable for outdoor high-altitude erection work. The equipment in operation in the bucket and the rotary seat are provided with control device, using electric hydraulic proportional valve control arm action, good stability, working arm can be left and right 360 degree continuous rotation, by connecting rod mechanism automatically maintain a level of slot operations. The main pump failure can be manipulated emergency pump decrease industry trough.
Product features: easy to move, easy to operate, the operating surface is large, balanced performance is good. Folding products arm has the advantages of compact structure, high strength, light weight, high erection speed, work stations can increase and horizontal extension, rotation, easy to arrive at locations across the obstacle, is the ideal equipment for high-altitude operations.
Products are widely used in electric power, street lamps, municipal, garden, communications, airports, building (repair) ships, transportation, advertising, photography and other aerial work areas.