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Fixed rail-type lifting platform
Guide rail type (or called forklift, straight top) lifting platform through the hydraulic cylinder straight top style, with heavy chain to the loading platform is raised to the specified location, with the elevator, the unilateral hydraulic cylinder or bilateral hydraulic cylinder, telescopic oil cylinder drives the chain drag and drop table rise and fall, lifting frame with the loading platform and guide through the guide wheel omnidirectional positioning, to ensure stability of platform truck. Especially do goods to enhance cargo elevator pit digging pit or not dig deep place.
The product has a simple operation, stable lifting, carrying capacity, high speed, long service life, high safety, convenient maintenance, no room, little space occupation, low construction condition requirements, floor elevated among operation ideal goods transportation equipment. It is the best product of low floor building and workshop instead of elevator.
The hydraulic system of the hydraulic system is provided with an anti dropping, upper and lower door Interaction Chain function, each floor and lifting platform can be set with the operation buttons to realize multi-point control. The power cut can be realized by manual descent, and is provided with an emergency stop button, which is convenient, rapid, practical and safe.
According to the installation environment and use requirements of elevator goods ladder, choose a different device configurations, can be achieved with the use of a better effect, the product widely used in various types of factories, warehouse, chemical, power plants, automobile 4S shop, auto repair factory explosion-proof enterprises.