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Fixed shear fork lift platform:
Fixed shear fork type lifting platform is divided into fixed single fork type lifting platform, fixed double fork lift platform or fork type lifting platform, a lifting stability, applicable to a wide range of goods lifting equipment, mainly used for production line height difference between delivery; material on-line, off the assembly line. Workpiece height adjustment of the workpiece assembly; high feeder feeding; large equipment assembly of parts when lifting; large machine tool feeding, feeding; warehouse loading and unloading spaces and forklift handling vehicle matching were cargo fast loading and unloading.
Product specifications: this kind of product with steel frame structure or high strength steel structure bearing capacity from 0.3 to 100 tons per month, the size of product or equipment can be customized according to user needs. Operation mode can be divided into upper and lower control and ground single control, can also be multiple control.
Product advantages: lifting freely, beautiful and generous, stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safety, efficiency, maintenance is simple and convenient.
Applicable places: products are mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises and the pharmaceutical industry, logistics industry production line, in other industries as delivery elevator to transport the goods, the basement floor between goods lifting, loading and unloading, lifting platform, a lifting operation platform for. Most customized according to customer requirements.
Safety precautions for hydraulic lifting platform:
1 in the factory have been tested before the test, the technical indicators have reached the design requirements, the use of the ground only. Hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted.
2 before use to carefully check the hydraulic, electrical systems, no leakage or bare phenomenon before use.
3 hydraulic lifting platform empty running 1-3 times rear load operation.
4 the center of the load should be at the center of the working table.
5 both ends of the protective fence door should be locked behind the door can be locked.
6 because of the user's requirements for the use of hydraulic lifting platform, the control mode of the lifting platform is different.