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Hydraulic lifting platform for electrical equipment to check what are the considerations?

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1, motor inspection.
Check the motor seat and the shell is intact; motor base installation is firm, operation of the motor is whether fibrillation; check the motor fan is damaged; check the motor insulation resistance value is within the scope of the provisions; motor lubrication is good, bearing is normal, runs without abnormal sound; check operation, the motor temperature rise of compliance with the provisions of the; check the motor run time has no smell.
2, power cable inspection.
Check the cable insulation layer with no damage; cable fixing is reliable; cable tension part of the bending, twisting machine damage; check the cable connection is firm.
3, distribution box inspection.
Check the distribution box shell without damage, the paint is damaged; check the safety warning sign distribution box is intact; check the distribution box grounding is reliable; conduct a comprehensive inspection of the contactor contact is serious loss of contact, there is no gap, spring has no damage, deformation, corrosion and fatigue aging, core pull surface there are no attachments, if rust, whether there is oil, when the contactor is abnormal sound, the limiting block has no obvious abrasion machine damage; breaking time is normal; time relay check content: check the disk inscribed line is solid, there is no loosening; check whether the dust and dirt tray, should ensure that the switchboard clean dry.
4, all kinds of travel switch, close to switch check. Check the travel switch action is reliable, the connection is firm.
5, lift wiring check. Check wiring should lift, no damage, no tight, twisted wire clamp loosening.
6, floor controller check. Check the floor controller button action is normal; the controller display is accurate; emergency stop button is a function.

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