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What are the factors that affect the speed of the lifting platform?

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Here said the lifting platform is hydraulic lifting platform, is the power unit driven by hydraulic oil pressure and the cylinder reciprocating motion of the piston drives the lift table lifting, so the lifting speed is adjustable:
Power unit is adjusted, regardless of the shear fork lift platform or guide rail type lifting platform, are controlled by the power unit and the oil cylinder, power unit in the production is provided with four out of the hole, the size can be adjusted, increasing or decreasing the oil flow rate of the hydraulic cylinder, we can pass adjust motor speed or electro-hydraulic proportional valve to adjust the hydraulic oil flow;
Two, the tubing control, the longer the hydraulic tubing, the longer the rise time. So at the time of installation, in the design allows the range to the extent possible, the tubing to reduce the length of; in the regulation of power unit based on can also make adjustments to the size of the pipelines of the, in equipment to achieve the premise of security of the normal demand can be adjusted accordingly.
Three, cylinder control, cylinder size, meet the design requirements of the case, as far as possible to reduce the diameter of the cylinder. The smaller the diameter of the cylinder, the faster the rise.
Four, cargo load, the tonnage of a ship's cargo also affect the speed of the lifting, reaching the best value of the lifting platform for the delivery of goods is the speed of the protection, if the emphasis on the impact on the speed.

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