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What are the advantages of hydraulic lift compared with the elevator?

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Elevator advantage 1,
According to the state in 2003 released "special equipment safety supervision" in the elevator definition, "column on the elevator is defined as: elevator, is refers to the power driven, using runs along a rigid track box or along the fixed line operation of cascade and are in vertical or horizontal transport of people, goods and equipment. There are essential differences between the elevator and the elevator, and the "power drive" is the essential difference between the elevator and the elevator. The elevator is in traction machine for dynamic role in wire rope along the rigid track vertical traction to finish the lifting movement of, and wire rope theories exist fracture factor must be safety gear and speed limit safety protection facilities such as the corresponding. Lift is to be driven by the hydraulic cylinder to perform vertical lift along the rigid track to complete the lifting action. The biggest difference between an elevator and an elevator is speed, which is used by hydraulic technology and the speed of the motor.
Elevator advantage 2,
Have more and more enterprises in the actual production process needs the heavier goods transported to the top floor, due to heavy goods transportation height is generally 2-3 storey height, if you choose to install a freight elevator, the elevator itself cost is too high, simultaneously also increased the construction cost of the elevator hoistway and room. Under this situation, when the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises will choose to install an elevator instead of the freight elevator, lift not only has the function of vertical elevator, the price is far below the price of elevator, and have no strict requirements on well, don't even need a well, thus further save the construction cost.
Elevator advantage 3,
Elevator and elevator namely, the existence of some characteristics in common, in driving there is essential difference between, elevator rely on wire rope to perform from the top downward traction, lift on the cylinder to perform by the upward lifting and different power sources have different means of implementation. There is no safety factor in the two items of the broken rope squat bottom and the control failure, which must be installed to ensure the safety of the wire rope. And lift because it is to rely on the oil cylinder to perform the lifting up by the bottom, there is no squat bottom nor the impact of the top factors, so that the same is safe. At the same time, the state provides lift is a lifting machinery and equipment, in the outdoor can be manned for high-altitude operations, installed in the well path of the rigid track used to carry cargo is also more secure.

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