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Our company passed the good product Shandong CA certification

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Good product CA certification --- Shandong brand Hall of the identity authentication, good products, Shandong, the integrity of the world.
"Good Shandong" is the focus of the provincial government to build and support the project, on behalf of the characteristics of Shandong enterprises and products of the cluster is the overall brand of Shandong industrial economy. Shandong's famous enterprises, famous, famous constitute the good product of Shandong, the core value. As a companion piece to "hospitable Shandong", "good products in Shandong" is committed to create echoes and "hospitality Shandong Shandong industry overall brand image and help Shandong enterprises to cultivate brand, promote me to save the development of network marketing level, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.
In order to improve the enterprise in Shandong brand image, credibility and promote enterprise broaden the network of sales channels, good product Shandong commissioned Shandong ca an exclusive authentication service, good product CA authentication for the declaration of the conditions of enterprises in Shandong Province. Good product certification is "made in Shandong brand Hall of identity authentication, through the activities of CA authentication enterprise, into the good product Shandong credit management system, enjoy the" good products in Shandong, the integrity of the world of concentrated external promotion and exclusive service.

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