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Weichai Power Limited by Share Ltd official Liu held talks with my company

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Weichai Power Co., Ltd. is the original Weifang Diesel Engine Factory (August 2007 for the restructuring of the Weichai Group Holdings Co., Ltd.) set up a joint domestic and foreign investors in accordance with the modern enterprise system of enterprise, is China's first home in Hong Kong H-share listed, and return to the mainland A-share listed company, is China's largest auto parts enterprises. Company business sector (powertrain (engine, transmission, axles), commercial vehicles, auto parts), in the respective market segments are in absolute dominance.
On the morning of 24 2016 01, Weichai Power Limited by Share Ltd technical director Zhang met to discuss with our factory general manager liu. In recent years, the two sides have made a review and summary of the cooperation. Weichai believes that they are in high demand on the lifting platform technology, large load, high precision, frequent use, Shandong Jiyang machinery factory production of hydraulic lifting platform has withstood the test. Our general manager, Mr. Liu said that over the past few years cooperation with Weichai is pleasant, through cooperation and Weichai, so that my company's research and development capabilities and production capacity have been varying degrees of improve. In the future, we will continue with the purpose of high quality, low price and strict requirements of the policy to Weichai and strengthen cooperation, mutual benefit and win.

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