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Hydraulic cylinder of hydraulic elevator

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Hydraulic pressure is the power source and transmission mode of the elevator in the process of lifting, the hydraulic transmission can not be separated from the important parts of the hydraulic cylinder.
Hydraulic system is the important part of hydraulic lift, hydraulic cylinder is hydraulic system actuator; general consists of a cylinder body, cylinder rod and sealing parts, interior of the cylinder by the piston is divided into two parts, respectively, through an oil hole. Since the compression ratio of the liquid is very small, so when one of the oil hole into the oil, the piston will be pushed to make another hole out of oil, the piston to drive the piston rod to do extend movement, and vice versa.
Hydraulic lift is used in the hydraulic cylinder and its components usually have five parts: piston and piston rod, cylinder cylinder and cylinder head, buffer device, sealing device and an exhaust device. Working principle and common hydraulic oil tank is basically similar to take a manual jack, the jack is actually the most simple cylinder. Through manual pressure boost stalk the hydraulic oil through a one-way valve into the cylinder, then enter the oil cylinder and a hydraulic oil because single valve can't go backwards back, forcing the cylinder rod to, then work to continue to the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder, so continue to rise, to lower the open hydraulic valve, the hydraulic oil to the oil tank, this is the most simple working principle, the other is improved on this basis, the principle of the cylinder and the cylinder is basically the same.

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