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Our company actively apply for the establishment of Shandong province aerial work machinery engineering technology research center

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In order to continue to occupy the leading position in the same industry, promote new products, new technology research and development, our company in 2010 and Shandong University jointly set up the Shandong Province, the only lifting platform engineering technology center. (municipal). After many years of scientific and technological research, up to now has developed self folding arm type, self scissors type multiple fill the gaps in the new products, obtain provincial science and technology achievement award, the priority areas of Shandong Province, the first sets of project title of honor and a number of national patents.
In 2016, to further improve our province aerial work machinery research and development level as soon as possible, establish the innovation system in Engineering Research Center as the carrier of production, teaching and research combined, our company actively apply for the establishment of Shandong aerial work machinery engineering technology research center (provincial).
Relying on Shandong University abundant talent, technical strength and advantages of disciplines, relying on enterprise funds, equipment advantage established aerial work machinery engineering technology research center, aerial work machinery research, development, manufacturing, consulting and training, for enterprises to provide much-needed, maturity of complete sets of technology, prompting rapid technological achievements transformation into productivity, has very important significance to improve the market competition ability of the enterprise.
Center after the establishment of will focus on the research and development of advanced technology and future products, leading the direction of the development of the industry, to create the core competitiveness of enterprises, to provide basic technology research to support the improvement and upgrading of existing technologies and products, in the establishment of the center will accelerate the, high-altitude operating machinery industry key generic technology research, engineering and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements to promote, for the province and even the national aerial work machinery industry to build a scientific and technological innovation, talent aggregation and training, technology exchange and cooperation an important platform.
In the face of opportunities and challenges as our province high-altitude operating machinery industry leading enterprises, the backbone of large manufacturers, picking up our province aerial work machinery industry science and technology innovation on the banner of duty, we are confident can afford to spend manpower and material resources, increase investment in research and innovation, and Shandong Qiangqiang jointly, according to the great needs of national and provincial aerial work machinery industry development, focusing on in promoting industrial development of the key and common technologies, major product development, industry development strategy, industry technical standards carry out research and innovation activities, improve my province aerial work machinery industry, the overall technological level, to promote our province's social and economic construction and development.

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