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The way to maintain the scissor lift and common problems when the equipment is running

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2022/09/27 13:42
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Scissor lift machines and equipment have become a popular commodity in the high work sales market in recent years, and it is still necessary to clear the uncertainties in use in order to give customers a better experience in the process.

  What are the common problems when running scissor lift equipment?

  Scissor lift machinery and equipment into a popular commodity in recent years in the sales market of high places, in the use of the process in order to enable customers to get a better experience, it is still necessary to clear the uncertainties in use.

  1, scissor lift overweight, the load must be within the rated value, overweight and can not improve efficiency, in turn will significantly reduce the use of scissor lift period.

  2, common failure of the shaft pin, the shaft pin is an extremely important theme between the support rod activity position, once not free to act, will also lead to scissor lift adjustment is not sensitive, resulting in uncertainty.

  3, hydraulic machine system abnormal, the key check matters are check whether the motor is normal operation; check whether the relevant is blocked; check whether the hydraulic seals are excellent sealing.

  4, the electrical control system poor contact phenomenon, the key check matters are: check the scissor lift working voltage is not stable; check the power box display light is not working in the normal; check the lift switch does not exist poor contact phenomenon condition.

  5, the lift hydraulic oil does exist a lot of residue, gear oil is an important substance for scissor lift work, so if there is a lot of residue on the gear oil, when injected into the hydraulic machine components are easy to be blocked, may lead to unstable adjustment.

  Lifting platform maintenance when the staff into the lifting platform internal structure work, must hoist the elevator to prevent the lifting platform suddenly lowered and composed of casualties. Look at the roller, center shaft and rolling bearing; hydraulic cylinder shaft pin and rolling bearing; telescopic arm hinge shaft and rolling bearing, etc. gloss and damage; the above parts are filled with light and clean oil. Broaden the application life of rolling bearings.

  Hydraulic lifting way is a kind of straight transport people and things lifting equipment, also refers to the site, active warehouse and other logistics distribution system for straight transport machines, lifting platform is usually also equipped with a variety of floor plan transport machinery and equipment, as a different relative height transport line connection machinery and equipment. Generally choose hydraulic drive, so the name hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to do for different height cargo transportation, widely used in high machine, repair and other operations.